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Bathroom remodel elegant
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Bathroom Remodeled with Elegance

Bathroom Remodeled with Elegance

List Of: Bathroom Remodeled with Elegance

  • Tone should be easy on the eyes
  • Stop running after the gold
  • Top to bottom reflections
  • Shelves and cabinets
  • Part your shower area with glass
  • But is it functional?

If you are looking for a bathroom remodel elegant that is designed as a space to relax after a long day by submerging into a luxuriating bath, then this is for you. Elegance is in the faucets and fixtures, sure, but it’s also in the little things like the shade and tone of the marble. 2020 bathroom trends are inclined towards minimal coupled with functionality with key attention to space-saving. Let’s be real, it is the era of small space living and will only get smaller as we go.

You should be thinking in terms of utilizing wall space and minimalism in design. However, if you are lucky enough to have a large space, then this is the perfect time to space to expense and go on a renovation splurge.
Here are a few tips to add a touch of elegance:

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Tone should be easy on the eyes

Yes, tonal interiors are fun but not for Bathroom Remodel. Go for something that’s cool-toned without being excessively busy on the eyes. There is no going wrong with a pristine white bathroom. It’s such an easily achieved elegant look.

Stop running after the gold

Yes, this is Dubai and the classiest (and priciest) is gold but honestly, a stainless metallic toned faucet has just as much polish and elegance as the next big thing. Choose edgy hardware instead of over the top. Simple, stylish, and easy on the wallet.

Top to bottom reflections

A simple but effectively elegant upgrade is installing a ceiling to vanity mirror in your bathroom remodel. Mirrors add an illusion of bigger space and come in useful in the bathroom. However, cleaning those mirrors will undeniably be a challenge.

Shelves and cabinets

Short for space on your vanity? You’ve got all these walls that can be utilized without needing to cram the narrow vanity space with all your products. Install bathroom shelves and you no longer need to worry about dropping 10 things trying to reach for one.

Part your shower area with glass

For a less tedious and cheaper upgrade, you can install a glass partition to separate your shower area from your bathroom. The sleek glass adds a glamorous touch to the bathroom without being too over the top and hey, doesn’t dent the wallet either.

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But is it functional?

At the end of the day, it is a bathroom and it has to be optimized best to accommodate all your amenities and should be functional enough to be kept organized without being too difficult to manage. Moreover, it should also be easy to clean and maintain. Make sure you schedule a deep cleaning at least once a month including the faucets and fixtures.

For all of the above and more, bathroom remodels elegantly have never been easier and more convenient with Renovate by Fixit. We have expert teams to help you every step of the way including redoing bathroom floors, installing glass partitions, and fixing or installing the plumbing. Call us today to book an appointment.



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