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Best wood look flooring
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The Right Kind of Flooring for Every Room

The Right Kind of flooring for Every Room

List Of: The Right Kind of Flooring for Every Room

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Living spaces
  • Balcony

Marble, hardwood, Flooring for Every Room PVC, and the list goes on. With a plethora of sample books to choose from, the options do get overwhelming making it quite easy to be easily wrong about your types of flooring. Don’t be wrong, this piece right here is to prepare you so that you don’t get lost in the sea of options available in the modern-day. Moreover, before you go ahead and give an affirmative nod and swipe your card, make sure you speak to an expert as to what will be best suited to your needs.

We at Renovate by FIXITO have a team of experts to guide you in the process of making every decision you take about your property so that you get the best your money can buy. Understand this, it isn’t so much about pouring money into the Best wood look flooring as it is about making weighted decisions about investing in a product that will last you long term and add value to your home.


Kitchens tend to be witnesses to grit and hard labor, and although wood is a basic choice for the area, it doesn’t stand up to the hardness your types of Best wood-looking flooring require. However, we agree, it has an old-time charm that is so easy to be allured by. Instead, opt for porcelain tiles. best wood look flooring It is easy to clean and difficult to dent or scratch.

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These areas tend to see a lot of water and wood and marble are more prone to water stains. Once again, porcelain tiles take the win. Easy to maintain and hard to stain, the material also holds up well to wetness.

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Living spaces

You know the cozy, homely vibes of wood, this is where it comes out best: the living spaces. Now, they may be difficult to manage if under the duress of high-heeled shoes and may be prone to scratches but if you are going to go for it, it is best utilized in the bedroom or living room. Might we suggest wearing slippers or flat-heeled shoes around the house?


Nothing says cozy and comforting as your balcony. To do justice to your space and truly make it your own, you need earthy tones of wood and an abundance of plants to add a touch of nature. Go for the dark oak shade. Since the balcony is exposed to the cold and hot weather, wood makes the best option to indulge in since it isn’t bound to warm up excessively or get too cold, making it just right for a cozy space.

If you are looking to get your floors redone, look no further from Renovate by Fixito. Experts in home renovation projects, our teams will advise and guide you through the process of choosing your tiling so that you can get the best your money can buy. Call us today to book an appointment and get a free quote on all flooring services for bathrooms, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. We also offer customizable packages for your convenience.

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