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Hottest and happening trend: Fresh Modern
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Hottest and happening trend: Fresh Modern

Hottest and happening trend: Fresh Modern

List Of: Hottest and happening trend: Fresh Modern

Want a new look to hottest and happening modern match the new year? Take a cue from us. Drain out the dreary of the year and your walls and give it a new look. 2021 is looking fresh & modern! Pantone has released its color of the year and that’s for a reason. And anyway, wouldn’t you like to move on from the year in every sense of the word? Illuminate with Illuminating or indulge in the moodiness of Ultimate Gray.


Moody grays make a good mood board

Moody grays make a good mood board if your tastes are more understated and can be paired with bold tones in the shape of furniture, maybe a deep maroon or trendy pink to compliment the dull hue. Hottest and happening modern Minimalist and large portraits to go with it would also give the place a lift.

In case gray is not your cup of tea you can always go for softer tones that suit your likes. Tear down patterned old wallpapers and go for light, airy and easy on the eye kind of pastels or pristine whites. Be it your bedroom or your living room. Think in greens with life… plants, we mean plants! Think re-carpeting and definitely think mirrors to make your space look more spacious.

New flooring during a home renovation

New flooring during a home renovation can change the entire look and feel of the place. There are multiple options to choose from including, however not limited to, marble and wood. If you are looking for brighter, more attention-drawing shiny floors, then marble really knows how to stand out. If you want a more natural, muted-toned flooring, then you are looking for wood.

Interior work includes more space-saving pieces, including wall-mounted desks and foldable multi-use furniture and fixtures. It’s a confident touch of modern that projects spaciousness and freshness in your living spaces. While you are at it, it might be a good idea to declutter your home and leave the old in the past year.

Minimalist designs are all the rage and picking up momentum as people re-analyze their spending patterns. Instead of spending money on adding a wardrobe and cluttering your space, opt for shelves. Books, besides containing volumes of knowledge, can also double as a creative element in decor. They add character to the room and amplify the look and feel of the place.


Are you looking for another cheap upgrade

If you are looking for another cheap upgrade, then one thing that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion is fairy lights. Inexpensive, readily available and have an enchanting vibe about them. They can easily replace the need for expensive lamps and no matter how many strings of fairy lights you add, they can’t seem to be over the top.

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